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Cyber Intelligence and Brand Monitoring

Synax Technologies is the distributor of Cyble in the UAE and Africa – Get real-time visibility into the Darkweb, Cyber Intelligence and Brand Monitoring.


With advanced Cyber Threat Intelligence capability, our offered Brand Monitoring software allows companies be aware of:

  • Negative things people or groups are saying about them on current social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.)
  • What malicious actors are doing against their domain names and employees
  • What sensitive data about the company employees or assets are leaked on the deep and dark web
  • Visibility into company security posture


Features and benefits

  • Actionable intelligence on compromised credentials, personal information and data breaches
  • Informed security decisions based on the knowledge of threat actors targeting your company and their capabilities
  • Identification of vulnerabilities in your ICT infrastructure and mitigation of loopholes based of their criticality
  • Empowerment of your company to protect its brand by managing reputational risks through end-to-end visibility of your digital platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, dark web, etc.)
  • Visibility into threats from third party systems and applications by accurately detecting risk posed by third parties as potential threat vectors
  • Anti-phishing, fraud monitoring and take down services for brand reputation protection
  • Continuous fraud detection and monitoring to gain intelligence on the underground markets that facilitate identity theft and other cyber-crime activities.

What Synax offers

  • Provide organizations with real-time visibility into the vulnerabilities in their digital footprint and empower them to combat cyber threats effectively
  • Enable timely detection and response to cyber incidents. Effectively minimize the impact of attacks and implement recovery solutions with advanced intelligence
  • Analyze threat actor Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) and offer guidance to redefine your security infrastructure accordingly
  • Manage reputational risks through 360° visibility of digital platforms and offer SLA based take down services