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Global Threat Intelligence Feeds (GTI)

Global Threat Intelligence Feeds (GTI) – Our solution can provide GTI can be used as a standalone (cyber forensic analysis) or can even supplement your existing systems such as SIEM and TIP solutions.

Network & Application Protection

Global Threat Intelligence Feeds (GTI)

Global Threat Intelligence Feeds (GTI)

Contemporary cyber adversaries are more organized, sophisticated, skilled, heavily resourced and persistent than ever. The threat actor environment nowadays includes disgruntled employees, cyber terrorists, criminals, business competitors, nation states/government agencies espionage, professional hackers, and anyone with a computer. Also new vulnerabilities appear every day in protocols, applications, databases, network devices, operating systems, etc.


Keeping pace with these threat actors and new threat vectors, is a daunting task for any security team. Despite all initiatives to secure networks and applications, service disruption and significant number of data breaches is still observed.

The research shows that 40% of the world hacking cases originate from countries like Vietnam, China, Russia and North Korea. If organizations do not possess sensors, real-time feeds, and honeypots in their local networks, they lack complete picture of threat landscape, and hence vulnerable to cyber-attacks from these countries.

Our offered Global Threat Intelligence subscription service equips with practical intelligence data that reduces cyber risks and enhances overall security posture.


Our team of engineers and researchers produce threat intelligence using data collected from around the world, including monitored sensors, managed networks from China, and honeypots.


Include our intelligence feeds (IP reputation, Web/URL, Command & Control, Malware) into existing SIEM solutions to augment its capacity to defend efficiently organization’s network systems.


Grab this opportunity today with our GTI subscription service, and implement countermeasures to protect critical ICT assets in no time!

Features and benefits

  • Acquire additional understanding into various threats and threat actors
  • IPs, domains, vulnerabilities, and malware
  • Customizable views, searches, and results
  • Graphs, charts, tables, and target systems and applications
  • Upload malware samples – receive results
  • Monitor and track IP addresses – automatic notification

What Synax offers

  • Help with sizing requirements and initial analysis
  • Provide the GTI technology
  • Install and configure the solution
  • Provide training to relevant staff
  • Monitor and support 24X7X365