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GRC – Security and Privacy Compliance

The GRC, security and privacy compliance solution is a comprehensive solution for the new regulations in the GCC and North Africa markets. It is a holistic approach that combines technology, expertise, and robust processes, and aligns with compliance objectives such as safeguarding personal data, managing risks, managing rights, and assisting organizations in continuous compliance.


The new security and privacy regulations represents a significant step in data privacy and protection. Key aspects for compliance include:

  • Data Subject Rights: New regulations grant individuals rights over their personal data, including access, correction, and deletion rights.
  • Data Protection Officer (DPO): Organizations must appoint a DPO to oversee data protection strategies and ensure compliance with new regulations.
  • Data Processing Restrictions: There are specific regulations governing the processing of personal data including data sharing restrictions.
  • Data Security Practices: Organizations must implement relevant policies, and procedures to protect personal data and prevent breaches.
  • Notification and Disclosure: Organizations must disclosure appropriate policies and also notify regulations in case of cyber security incidents.

To implement these regulatory requirements, organizations need a comprehensive approach to data processing, and data protection. This includes both technical safeguards, such as encryption and access controls, and organizational measures, like staff training and policy development. Regular audits, checklists, and assessments are necessary to ensure ongoing compliance with the law.

Essert offers a comprehensive solution for multiple regulations including UAE PDPL, KSA PDPL, GDPR, ISO 27001, Kenya DPA, Nigeria DPA, and overall enterprise risk management. Essert offers software, setup, and training of local staff in-line with compliance requirements. Our solution dashboard provides a view of your compliance posture, and Synax makes compliance quick and easy.


Some of the main features of our compliance software solution:

  • A framework and methodical process to achieve compliance faster
  • Policy generation and disclosure management
  • A complete playbook to manage data subject rights
  • Security controls management and assurance
  • Risk profiles management and assurance
  • Data processing impact assessment
  • Complete data security checklists and assessments

What Synax offers

  • Plan, consult and implement your compliance, including local training
  • Total peace of mind by providing continuous compliance monitoring
  • Set up and improve data security and data privacy posture
  • Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT model) as per customer requirements
  • Provide flexible and innovative payment models (OPEX and CAPEX models) to align with your budget
  • Provide advisory and capacity building, customized for customer’s environment