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Security Assessment

Our VAPT Service helps in managing your cyber risks, by identifying, prioritizing, addressing and supporting teams throughout mitigation process.

Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing

  • Vulnerability Assessment (VA) involves identifying, classifying, addressing cyber risks and recommending best approach for mitigating weaknesses found in the systems, networks, applications and databases. When we do vulnerability assessment, we do not exploit the victim systems found with specific vulnerability.
  • Our VA with Penetration Testing (VAPT) offering uses these identified weaknesses to perform dangerous operations on the victim machine, as a means to validate that these vulnerabilities are real and could be used by malicious users, against the organization’s systems, if not properly addressed.


  • Identification of high-risk areas
  • Better decision-making in IT investment
  • Validation of existing security environment
  • Guidance on remedial activities
  • Credible findings
  • Understanding of vulnerability exploitation
  • Business impact of a vulnerability
  • Prioritised list of recommendations
  • VAPT is part of compliance requirements for ISO-27001 and PCI DSS, just to name a few.


Our VAPT Service helps in managing cyber risks, by identifying, prioritizing, addressing and supporting  teams throughout mitigation process. We believe that once you have clear and correct information of your system weaknesses, as well as their impact on achieving your business goals, you will have improved good decision-making and invest where it matters most, and maximize your ROI.


We conduct the following types of VAPT:

  • Network infrastructure testing
  • Web applications testing
  • Wireless network testing
  • Cloud security
  • Email systems
  • IoT security
  • Mobile application testing
  • Systems and network device configuration review
  • External and internal penetration testing
  • Social engineering testing

It is not enough to simply identify security risks without taking action. Our VAPT engagement ensures that we guide you in your efforts to mitigate weaknesses found, in strategic manner.


A prioritised list of vulnerabilities from small to high-risk areas is provided to help you focus your efforts on your priorities.

Cyber Security Audit (CSA)

A security audit is an assessment of how effective the controls implemented are performing compared to established internal security policies.


Our security audits will review existing policies, Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and verify their implementation in systems, networks, applications and databases in order to measure level of effectiveness, for internal compliance purpose. We believe that having a bunch of policies and procedures without enforcement, brings no value to the organization.


The post-assessment report will provide a list of vulnerabilities, security gaps that exist in the existing systems and procedures.

Why CSA?

Based on our experience, sometimes internal staff bypasses policies for the sake of convenience, or they resist the change or just forget about them altogether. This situation can greatly expose your organisation to severe security breaches. Also, for compliance purpose, companies are required to conduct periodic audit activities of their processing systems.


Synax’s team has the expertise required to uncover the most elusive vulnerabilities and security gaps throughout your organisation and identify non-conformity issues. We can assist in establishing an effective security risk management program which is applicable to organisations. This exercise can help, for example, after development of policies and procedures, or during internal investigations where fraud is suspected. Our findings can be used for any potential litigation/legal proceedings, as well as improving your internal control environment to mitigate future security threats.

Cyber Security Training (CST)

Educating your employees about identifying security threats, reporting and avoiding them is the purpose of Cyber Security Training service.

We use the following steps to customise the training program:


  • Understand strategy, key risks and current culture
  • Engage with relevant stakeholders to discuss and confirm high risk areas
  • Develop targeted security program for different audiences (non-technical, technical and executives)
  • Assist in the strategy, content development, training and coaching


Synax provides cybersecurity awareness and training customised for organisations and industry. We help employees adopt a cybersecurity and data privacy mindset and understand their roles and responsibilities in keeping their organisation’s assets safe. Employees both technical and non-technical adopt strong data security attitudes and practices in their daily tasks.


Credible security reports have shown that more than 60% of incidents happen because of human factor. One of the methods we adopt, is to interact with relevant staff about electronic and physical security risk factors. This allows to build a security risk culture in an organisation.



Why CST?

Synax offers Cyber Security Training to help organizations understand current cybersecurity awareness maturity level and provide with the strategies to close any skill gaps found through reliable awareness and training programs.


We perform this task with the following approach:

  • Assessment: We analyze technical and non-technical teams for their familiarity with key cybersecurity tasks and themes. We hereby objectively assess the capabilities of staff and organization.
  • We compare the results against the benchmarks and provide the view with a comprehensive gap analysis report
  • We develop cybersecurity learning and development strategies customized for each user communities inside the organization.

Red Team Engagements

Red teaming is a security assessment process by using cyber-attack simulation tools, with same techniques as real hackers, to understand how prepared an organization is to defend against sophisticated attacks.


VAPT and Red teaming are different in scope. VAPT has limited scope and time, whereas Red teaming offers deeper assessment conducted over extended periods. Read teaming challenges the detection and response capabilities of an organization.


Synax’s team of security experts rigorously tests the effectiveness of technology, people and processes to respond and detect the most dangerous and persistent cyber adversaries.


Our team comprehensively tests your organization’s defenses with simulated cyber-attacks.

Features and benefits

  • Response to attack evaluation
  • Identification and classification of risk
  • Uncovering hidden weaknesses
  • Remediation of security risks
  • Improvement of blue-team activities
  • Planning of future investments
  • Expertise in offensive security
  • Threat intelligence-based testing
  • Variety in attack methods
  • Comprehensive reporting

What Synax offers

  • Having unauthorised access to sensitive sub networks
  • Having total control of an IoT equipment in the network
  • Having unauthorized access to power accounts
  • Having unauthorized access to physical data center