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Database Activity Monitoring (DAM)

The Database Activity Monitoring (DAM) solution allows your organization to automatically locate and protect sensitive data by capturing all query commands traversing the network and applying appropriate security policies.

Our proposed DAM solution provides you with complete visibility and control of your sensitive and critical data in storage, transit and processing, no matter where the transaction request comes from.

Database Activity Monitoring (DAM)

DAM is a tool that captures and records, in real-time, all SQL statement traffic traversing the network, and this includes administrator activities, and generates alerts when there is violation of policy. It has the ability to:

  • Record all database transactions including Data Manipulation Language (DML), Data Definition Language (DDL) and Data Control Language (DCL)
  • Store this data on a separate, secured system, outside the database
  • Aggregate, normalize and correlate activity from different types of DBMS
  • Enforce segregation of duties on database administrators
  • Generate alerts whenever there is a policy violation

The audit includes monitoring DBA activities, and stopping DBA from manipulating logs or any recorded activity.

The DAM solution is a comprehensive data security platform using intelligence and automation to protect databases and applications. It offers the below functionalities for security, monitoring and auditing:

  • Discover sensitive data wherever it is on the network (on premises or on cloud environments)
  • Classify sensitive data
  • Run automated vulnerability assessment
  • Report on access rights of users accessing the data
  • Encrypt the data and use masking techniques to hide sensitive data from prying eyes
  • Monitor access to data and related files
  • Block unauthorized access, quarantine and alert the same
  • Automate compliance and audit activities

Features and benefits

The solution envisaged, will allow the IT Team to do the following, but not limited to:

  • Automated scanning and discovery of sensitive data on the network systems (Databases) – The output of this process, will show which tables hold sensitive data, who access this data, how much and when they access data. This data can be either located on your organization’s data center or on cloud
  • Set policies around this sensitive data. For example, a specific Organizational unit (OU) can be set on active directory to access specific Database tables, during business hours and not touching more than, say 50 records per day. Any violation to this policy should trigger an alert
  • The solution captures all SQL queries traversing the network systems, and take appropriate actions. The actions may be: Notifying (Email, SMS, syslog, etc.), Data masking, encryption, termination of the session, or all of the above
  • The solution also restricts queries that can be run against the Database, by malicious users like application user, compromised DBA account or Hackers. All the queries run against the DB are recorded and can be replayed for audit during investigations of a possible data breach. The solution ensures that your IT Team has complete visibility and control of what is happening on your organization’s sensitive data

What Synax offers

  • Help with sizing requirements and initial assessment
  • Provide DAM technology
  • Install and configure DAM for the team
  • Provide training to relevant staff
  • Monitor and support 24X7X365