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Anti (DDoS) Solution

Synax Technologies is the distributor of NSFOCUS – fast & reliable Anti DDoS solution checks, in real-time, all network traffic in and out of your organization.

Anti Denial-of-Service (DDoS) solution


A DDoS attack is when a malicious user floods the victim system with fake requests until it crashes and legitimate users cannot access the service.


DDoS threats are constantly shutting down services or affecting service availability, one way or the other. They are serious enemies to businesses and organizations.


Our Anti DDoS protection solution can be provided as:

  • Appliance: Placed behind Firewall/Router on internal network, offering inline malicious traffic protection.
  • Cloud: Supported by world-class, cloud-based scrubbing centers, organizations can use DNS or BGP diversions to prevent unclean traffic from entering their internal networks.

Our customers can avoid relying on null routes to mitigate DDoS attacks. We can provide a fast, reliable and scalable appliance that provides real-time mitigation to all types of DDoS attacks whilst allowing legitimate traffic to continue to pass through.


There are several appliances to select from with the smallest appliance having 1Gbps DDoS mitigation all the way to 480Gbps and can be deployed in a number of ways which include inline or out of path.


Anti DDoS system is also available as a VM which can be installed on KVM. 

Features and benefits

  • Comprehensive DDoS attack protection
  • Lowest false positive and negative rates
  • Flexible and scalable deployments
  • Real-time defense and complete protection from Layer 3 to application layer 7
  • Protection for service providers offering 5G
  • Protection against all types of DDoS attacks including HTTP/HTTPS, TCP and UDP protocols

What Synax offers

  • Help with sizing requirements and initial assessment
  • Provide Anti DDoS technology
  • Install and configure Anti DDoS for your team
  • Provide training to the relevant staff
  • Monitor and support 24X7X365