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4th Gen DLP – Data Loss Prevention

Synax Technologies is the distributor of GhangorCloud – pioneer of 4th Gen DLP Platform that provides Data Security against Malicious Insider & Outsider Attacks


Data Loss Prevention or Data Leak Prevention, is an application/software that leverages policies, procedures and technologies to monitor the use of sensitive data inside the organization and prevent leakage or misuse by unauthorized, internal or external parties.


Synax offers 4th Generation DLP solution which not only prevents accidental leakage, but also detects and prevents data exfiltration performed by malicious actors (insiders, hackers).

Features and benefits

The solution we offer is capable of protecting top secret/confidential information against malicious leaks, using automation of key processes.

  • Unlike traditional DLP solutions which rely on manual classification and tagging of information/content, Synax offers 4th Generation tool which has the ability to automatically identify and classify data in both structured and unstructured formats.
  • Automated classification and policy generation capability allows the tool to register higher percentage of true positives
  • Ability to automatically generate policies without human intervention with no risk of malicious data leakage and data misclassification
  • Access rights to the data/content is automatically managed and controlled due to the automated access control feature of this DLP solution
  • Compliance enforcement (PCI DSS, GDPR, SOX, GLBA, HIPAA, etc.)
  • Simple, fast and easy setup, maintenance; and easy integration with existing infrastructure
  • Available for On-premise and cloud deployments

These collective functionalities allow this DLP application to be an ideal product to protect against malicious data leaks for all types of industries, via automation of key processes. The 4th Gen DLP does not use keyword or lexical matches to prevent data leakage, but rather automated means and hence makes it effortlessly the first choice to safeguard highly sensitive materials against both unintentional and maliciously leaks.

What Synax offers

  • Provide a Proof of Concept (POC) for the agreed success criteria
  • Provide with DLP solution, install and configure the solution for the team
  • Training local system administrators for complete takeover