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Privileged Access Management (PAM)

Privileged Account Management (PAM) is a solution that allows IT Security Management of an organization to control and monitor electronic activities associated with the use of a privileged account.


Today’s digital world consists of many cyber security threats such as trojans, ransomware, malware, phishing, social media attacks, and more. The threats are increasing its’ presence so much so that World Economic Forum’s (WEF) “The Global Risks Report 2022” shows that malware surged by 358% in 2020, while ransomware increased by 435%.



This indicates that human errors would probably be the weakest link in cyber security when it comes to privileged accounts such as local admin accounts, privileged user accounts, and domain administrative accounts. And all these accounts must be monitored and controlled closely with Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions to mitigate the risks like data breaches.


Privileged Access Management solutions are one the most important cyber security components that enforce privileged access controls, minimize shared account risks, and eliminate credential exposures while controlling applications and endpoint devices (servers, routers, etc.)


PAM solutions enable IT & network administrators to:

  • Efficiently secure access to network infrastructure and applications
  • Transparently enforce company security policies on privileged sessions
  • Conveniently and universally control configurations
  • Comprehensively record all activities in the network and data center that impact could business continuity

Whereas PAM focuses on controlling and securing the internal IT environment of an organization, it can also support wide range of features for carriers/enterprises to establish a flexible, centrally managed, and layered defense security architecture against insider threats.


The benefits of Privileged Access Management, which basically provides a multi-layered security infrastructure against data breaches, multi-vendor environment complexity, regulatory compliance and cyber-attacks are as follows:

  • Privileged Session Manager: Logging and recording of all sessions for network and servers, including command and context-aware filtering
  • Dynamic Password Controller: Control of device and database passwords, providing security with password vault and split-password features while sustaining efficiency
  • Multi-Factor Authentication: Additional layers of authentication while integrating mobile device, geo-location, and time
  • Database Access Management and Dynamic Data Masking: Single point of access control management for database layer, secures data access with logging, policy enforcement, and dynamic data masking
  • Privileged Task Automation: Provides a single interface to configure the ability of network business flows with dynamic and extendable command sets
  • Unified Access Manager: Provides AAA services for network infrastructure and extends authentication and policy configurations of AD to network


Privilege Access Management simplifies and secures the management of privileged accounts, for enterprises or network operators with the cutting-edge product features like:

  • Full visibility and full control are achieved without compromising operational efficiency
  • Enforces security policies transparently
  • Manages and records every user’s activity 24/7 to prevent malicious activities
  • Enables isolation of critical target systems from user network
  • Executes role-base access controls centrally and silently
  • Supports to apply segregation of duties, least privilege and zero-trust approaches
  • Permits shared account password management securely
  • Facilitates compliance with regulations, internal operations auditing and screening
  • Unifies visibility and management of all privileged sessions
  • Supports tens of thousands of endpoints with a standard server and allows scalability

What Synax Offers:

  • Help with sizing requirements and initial assessment
  • Provide the PAM technology
  • Install and configure PAM for the team
  • Provide training to relevant staff
  • Monitor and support 24X7X365


Our PAM solution is available both on premises and cloud environment