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NSFOCUS DDoS Webinar in Ethiopia | Cybersecurity Distributor MEA

Cybersecurity Webinar in Ethiopia, 15th Feb 2022

Anti DDoS in Ethiopia by NSFOCUS | Networks and Application Protection

Synax Technologies – a Cybersecurity value-added-distributor (VAD) offering Next-Generation and Advanced Cybersecurity solutions in the Middle East and Africa. A NextGen SIEM webinar by Gurucul was conducted to create awareness and educate customers about various Cyber threats; and the remediation solutions Synax Technologies offers in Ethiopia on 15th Feb 2022 for the BFSI, Government, and Aviation customers.

We shared some key insights on “The Benefits of Analytics-Driven NextGen SIEM” in this webinar.

This session was a great success in Ethiopia with the participation of 40+ customers including C-level executives from reputed companies in Ethiopia.

Date15th Feb 2022
Time9:00 AM to 11:30 AM (East Africa Time Zone)
Key OfferingsAnti- Distributed Denial of Service (Anti-DDoS), Cloud DDoS, Hybrid DDoS, Application Security, Threat Intelligence (TI), Attack Threat Monitoring, Cloud-in-a-Box, Web Application Firewall (WAF), Intelligent Security Operation Platform (ISOP), Web Vulnerability Scanner System (WVSS), Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Prevention (NextGen IDS/IPS), IDS/IPS, Global Threat Intelligence (GTI), Security Intelligence Risk and Compliance (SIRC), Anti-Malware Solution, 5G Network Security Solution, Next-Generation Firewall, WebSafe Service, Managed Security Service, Remote Security Assessment System, Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test Service (VAPT) etc.,
DistributorsSynax Technologies in Middle East and Africa

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