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Darkweb Intelligence Cybersecurity Conference in Ethiopia | Cyble | Africa

Synax Technologies – a Cybersecurity value-added-distributor (VAD) offering Next-Generation and Advanced Cybersecurity solutions in the Middle East and Africa. A Darkweb Intelligence presentation by Cyble was conducted to create awareness and educate customers about various Cyber threats; and the remediation solutions Synax Technologies offers in Ethiopia on 23rd Dec 2022 for the BFSI, Government, and Aviation customers.

We shared some key insights on “Darkweb Intelligence: Going over and above CTI – An Ethiopian Regional Perspective” in this webinar.

This conference was a great success in Ethiopia with the participation of 40 customers including C-level executives from reputed companies in Ethiopia.

Cybersecurity Conference in Ethiopia, 23rd Dec 2022

Darkweb Intelligence in Ethiopia by Cyble | Darkweb Monitoring

Date23rd Dec 2022
Time10:00 AM to 7:00 PM (East Africa Time Zone)
VenueEthiopian Skylight Hotel, Addis Ababa
Key OfferingsDarkweb Monitoring, Cybercrime Intelligence, Attack Surface Management, Brand Reputation Monitoring, Third Party Suppliers Scoring, Fraud Intelligence, Third Party Cyber Risk, Digital Brand Protection, Threat Hunting and Take down Services, Real Time Alerts
DistributorsSynax Technologies in Middle East and Africa

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