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Less is More – says Cybersecurity Experts | Synax Technologies Cybersecurity Distributor in Dubai

By Team Synax Technologies

Less is More – says Cybersecurity Experts

How often do you download free apps?

Most people often share valuable information on social media without knowing the importance of your details. The following words can trigger you easily to sign up for a free app that is surely entertaining to share among friends and family.

If it is free, how are they making money?

Making money online doesn’t necessarily mean that you sign up for their services, even the details that you enter are available, sometimes more valuable than you would imagine.

Mostly, these details are shared with the advertisers, they further advertise to you based on your behavioral analysis, this is not a bigger problem, and this happens everywhere in the world.

The biggest concern raises if your information (Image, Name, Contact, Email, and some other important details like Credit Card details, bank account details, etc.,) can put you and your family in real trouble if your information is shared with the hackers.

How to know if the app is safe or not?

Certainly Play store & App store do their part to check before listing on their platforms. However, the stealing of our information can be indirect (it’s the people who are behind it and their intentions of using your information for their benefit).

Imagine someone having confidential information of 5+ Million people and you never know how exactly it is being used. So, stay alert!

Providing Less is always safe:

 According to Cybersecurity Experts, it is always safe to give lesser details for the free apps to avoid having your details shared for unknown reasons.

However, it is suggested that you do not entertain and keep your private information close and don’t give it to everybody.


If you’re a parent, be careful of all the unwanted apps your kids might download accidentally, and most importantly do install an anti-virus app on your mobile phones to keep your devices safe and clean.

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